Special offers will appear on this page from time to time to invite you to special events.

As a mom of a special son, I understand these moms can handle more problems than most parents.

 Challenges do not stop you from getting what your child needs.

I am offering you an opportunity to enjoy a class with other moms to learn how special you are! I believe in you!

You are resilient!

You are strong!

You are a great mom with pride in caring for someone very special.

This class will help you find joy in the journey.

Sign up now to attend this special event. Monday, May 22, 2023, 2 pm Central.

Invite your friend to attend with you!

The cost is only $27. 

There will be lots of joy in your journey, courage in companionship, and fun in the fellowship!

Surprise announcements at the event.

You will NOT want to MISS THIS EVENT!