Parent's Inventions!

I just love the fact that parents who have special needs kids are the most creative people. I have learned a lot about other parents who come up with unique ideas for their children's special needs. It may be equipment, clothing, or even something like I did many years ago when our son was small. 

My days were filled with activities and homework to do for our son who had severe cerebral palsy. He could not even hold his head up for years. When he was only two and could not sit up or hold his head up, I was thinking that if I could just remake a tricycle with a back on it and straps to hold his feet on, maybe he could learn to ride that first. I had several tricycles redone for him, and finally gave up. I was made to feel crazy by therapists who thought what I was trying to do was strange. 

It turned out when the tricycle was made, several therapists had other trikes made for other children they were working with. I know that it is hard for others to learn about what we do in our own homes, so I dedicate this page for parents to be able to submit their "inventions."   Once submitted, we'll add these inventions to this page so be sure to scroll down and take a look!!  It just might be a good place to learn what other parents are successfully doing to help their kids!   

My son is now 51 and many ideas have come and gone and many inventions have gone by the wayside.  Do not let your ideas go by the wayside.

Tell me about your ideas here, then come back and visit my Blog page to see your ideas on my next post!