With my firsthand experience caring for my special needs son and various family members, I possess an unparalleled perspective on family issues. My personal challenges have instilled in me a profound empathy for individuals seeking support, and I currently coach others on how to advocate for themselves and their loved ones effectively. It is crucial to be the voice for those struggling to make themselves heard. Failing to speak up can cause life to pass you and your child by, so it’s essential to be active and advocate for what you believe in.

About me:

  • An International Speaker
  • Author of two solo books.
  • Contributed to sixteen books (5 became International Best Sellers)
  • Hosted a radio program for three years live, "Courage-2-Overcome"
  • Interviewed 150 caregivers to learn what younger people need to know about caring for parents.
  • Wrote, "It Takes Courage to be a Caregiver."
  • I coach families, especially those with special needs
  • Courses for educators
  • Consults and train hospital staff and doctors on how to support families from the diagnosis.
  • I produced a video about why communication breaks down in the home and between these families and those who work with them.
  • Her experience is being a mom for over 50 years to a son needing total care.
  • Cheryl offers hope to families with humility and humor
  • She challenges the audience to "Reach for the stars!"
  • Her new course, "Be Seen & Be Heard," for parents of special needs kids, was taped for television and will soon be released for television.
  • She spoke on the "Voices of Women" show on International Women's Day.

  • Recently voted Lawton's Businessperson of the Year 2023.

Also, available to speak. Contact her.




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