Finding Hidden Treasures


Lately, there has been a lot of information from parents about teachers not understanding their child's need, or even believing in a child's ability.

It happens to parents with kids who struggle in classrooms and seem disinterested but are misunderstood.

One parent shared that her son is dealing with trauma that happened several years ago in a classroom, not special ed, and the teacher grabbed his work, tore it up, threw it in the garbage, and said, "That is garbage!" 

How should a child react?

He was diagnosed with ADD and put on medications that upset his body.

The problem grew when he went to another school and the teacher reported to him as not cooperating.

When the parents visited with the principal, the parents said the behavior he described did not fit.

They then asked when he met their son.

The principal then said, "Well, I have never met your son."

Can you explain to me how a child can recover from trauma in the classroom, be put on medication he did not need, and pass on to other teachers as a troublemaker, can reinvent himself to others?

He does not stand a chance!

Something to think about.


Read the free information, "Finding Hidden Treasure in your Special Needs Child," even if your child is not labeled "special needs."

If they are labeled, this might help explain how a parent can deal with some challenges their child is experiencing.

 Something to think about.