Oh, NO!! It is time to cook, decorate, make plans to travel or have company, time to shop, more company that might see it has been so long since I dusted the whole house, . . .

All of that self-talk is so hard to deal with. Where does it come from? Are we perfectionists and expect our lives and homes to be so perfect that might collapse under the weight of our own expectations!  


It is time to put some of those hefty expectations aside and be more realistic!  What can we do to make life more enjoyable and the holidays less stressful?

Let's look at some things on your list and see if we can ease the long list into slowing down our lives and really enjoy this time that should be joyful and relaxing!

Before the next post, write down some of your "To Do" list and see if we can shorten it!

Ready!  Set!! Go!!!