Are You on Burnout as a Parent of Special Needs Kids? - 07/11/2021

Am I just exhausted?

                          Or, is this overwhelm?---

Maybe it is time to seek help! 

Is coaching really beneficial?

That is like asking, "I am stuck and nothing can help me fix my life!"


Maybe you have not noticed that sports teams have coaches.

      Teachers are coaches in education.

       Ministers are coaches in your spiritual life and if you need more help,

       Someone close to you can recommend more coaches for your needs.


Why would you just stay stuck in life and not do something about it?

Life has so many ups and downs and there are some who just get stuck and feel aimless.

Others are on their way to great things because they have a plan.

Has this pandemic made life harder for you? 

Do you need help getting unstuck? 

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